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missmausie's Journal

has put on her ranty-pants.

Miss Mausie
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Some Things About Me:

- I like to write. I like to write about writing. Sometimes I write about other people who have written about writing... But that's as many layers as I'm willing to keep track of, heh.

- I'm a grown-up. I assume that the people who read this are grown-ups, or at least capable of behaving like grown-ups. I use cuts when I think it's important; I only rarely friendslock stuff. I have enough parental duties looking after my cats; I'm not interested in parenting everyone on the 'net, too.

- I'm an Alaskan that can't stand That Woman.

- This is mostly a back-up blog; it's also for commenting and icon fun.

- I love my bike, but I don't like winter. At all. Which means I'm really living in the wrong state.
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